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Delos Exclusive Private Tour

From: $ 238,05 / € 219


  • Learn the fascinating history of Delos

  • Enjoy your tour with a friendly licensed guide

  • Visit archaic monuments 

  • Visit the Archeological Museum of Delos

About this activity

Duration: 4hrs approx.

Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German.

Meeting at: Old port, churh os Saint Nikolas  

Tour Dates: Daily Service

Minimum participants: 2 (Two)

Additional Participants:$ 92,4 € 85

Pick up time: 9:00am.Flexible

Live tour guide

Private Tour

All Inclusive


Mykonos Private Trips, are ideally designed for those who wish to have their own exclusive tours by Greek local guides. Meet your expert guide at the old port, in front of the church of Saint Nikolaos, from where we sail to Delos (approximately 30 minutes by boat).


The Delos island, located less than 4 km southwest of Mykonos, was for the ancient Greek world the most sacred land, the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, two of the most well known Olympian Gods. No mortal was allowed to be born or die there. Delos preserves its uniqueness until our days. In 1999 , UNESCO inscribed Delos on the World Heritage List, citing it as an "exceptionally extensive and rich" archaeological site in Greece and still today a «no mortal's land».


In this 4 hour walking tour we will explore with your local Greek guide the rich history and politics of the island, its religious importance to the ancient world, narrow streets, club houses of associations of merchants, temples, offerings, beautiful villas with mosaic floors and wall paintings. 

We continue walking through the narrow streets of the district of the theater watching the house of Dionysus and the exceptional mosaics. At the end of the street we can admire the beautiful ancient theater dated back to 314 B. C

Among the monuments we are visiting are the three temples of Apollo, the colossal statue of the god, the portico of Philip V and the terrace of the lions guarding the Sacred Lake where according to the myth the twin gods Artemis and Apollo where born. We will finish our tour with a visit to the archaeological museum to admire its extensive collection of statues and other findings discovered in the island. the tour can be customized based on the customer's wishes. 

We can arrange the transfer upon request 

Usefull info

What's Included

  • A guided tour to the archaeological site of Delos

  • Admission Tickets

  • Boat tickets from Mykonos to Delos and return

  • Bottled water

  • All taxes


  What's not Included

  • Gratuities 10% (optional)

  • Transfer from Cruise ship or hotel (We can arrange the transfer upon request)

  • Personal expenses (food and drinks)

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